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MidCity Style Space Blog

A fresh contemporary look, and face, for MidCity’s Style Space blog

The MidCity Shopping Centre team were interested in updating their Style Space blog with the aim to produce and house better image based content that was relatable to their audience.

So, the Innuendo Digital crew got to work, starting with a full redesign.’


With a simple black and white theme, the refreshed design is clean and allows retailer content to shine.

The home page is structured in a way that allows users to scroll through beautifully shot content easily and also have the option to click through from an image based archive menu.

This menu is linked to tags relating to each article, making searching for a particular style easy.

During this time we also set our sights on finding a new blogger, or stylist, who was in-line with the centre’s retailers and overall style.

Enter Jo Hombsch! With a significant Instagram following and an effortless feminine style, Jo was the perfect match for MidCity.

By sharing fashion inspiration and advice on how to seamlessly mix pieces from their stores into the average woman’s wardrobe, Jo’s content is now the centrepiece for all MidCity’s digital platforms.

The new and improved blog ties in the centre’s social accounts including their Instagram and Facebook.

Click through to visit the site and check out the latest blog post!