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A project with a purpose

Here at Innuendo Digital we are particularly excited about a website we’ve recently been working on with KARRYON for a project called Travel To Change The World. The idea of this initiative is to inspire people to make informed travel choices so that they can become ambassadors for the world and better humans in the process. In light of this, the site shares the good news stories of individuals and businesses who are genuinely creating a revolution in the sustainable space of travel.

The movement has already received overwhelmingly positive response at events held around Australia. Last week, Travel To Change The World and Chimu Adventures held their first two Revolution Roadshows that encompassed a range of inspirational speakers and practical workshops that focussed on the ever-changing travel landscape and the role that agents can individually play in selling travel to benefit everyone and indeed the planet itself. The message was simple: “Travel is powerful, and everyone in the industry can influence travellers to make informed and sustainable choices about the way they travel and the places they visit”.photo of Matt

KARRYON and Travel To Change The World Founder Matt Leedham said “Seeing how engaged, inspired and passionate agents are about making a difference over the last two days has blown my mind. For me, it’s a testament to just how incredible this industry truly is and how together, we can all use the power of travel to change the world.”website page about environmentThis is only just the start and one of the next steps is to launch a full website very soon. This will feature remarkable sustainable travel products and experiences alongside responsible travel advice and inspiration to travel better. In the meantime you can follow the project on Instagram via the #traveltochangetheworld hashtag or join the Facebook page. You can also read up on some of KARRYON’s ‘Travel to change the world’ stories in their sister publication, page travel to change the worldWe look forward to help building on this inspiring movement!