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KARRYON Industry Careers Job Platform

An engaging and industry-specific jobs platform developed for the voice of the Australian travel industry, KARRYON.

Innuendo Digital was tasked with reconceptualising and rebuilding KARRYON’s existing job platform. The goal was to create a jobs platform that captured the spirit of KARRYON, while still being a robust, user-friendly and fully featured job board.

KARRYON has built its news platform on being a strong and informative voice that keeps its large community up to date on the latest travel industry news, in an engaging way. Their goal is to ultimately use their platforms to benefit the industry’s long term sustainability, and the improved KARRYON Industry Careers site was conceived with this in mind.

KARRYON wanted to move away from their existing site model of a simple job board website, to be more in line with the voice they have established with – that is being an authority on what the best opportunities and companies are available to jobseekers in the travel industry.

Using a third party WordPress theme to base the jobs platform on, the Innuendo Digital development team spent a significant amount of time customising and retooling the theme to be a fully featured web application. A number ‘must-have’ features from KARRYON were incorporated in to the platform to ensure that the site was exactly as conceived. This included features like:

After the site was built Innuendo spent a significant amount of time testing the site to make sure it was user-friendly and easy to use. With a site as large as this, exhaustive testing is a crucial step to ensure that the site launches in a state that is ready to face a significant number of unique users.

A quick and painless deployment of the site from Innuendo Digital, combined with a large internal marketing effort from KARRYON, ensured that site launched seamlessly and was quickly populated with companies and job posts from all over Australia. The site will continue to evolve and our development team is already hard at work on the first major update to KARRYON Industry Careers.