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Herbert Smith Freehills microsite

Herbert Smith Freehills

Firm highlights microsite

In this day and age it is important to get information across in a fun and engaging way. More traditional means of communication, such as PowerPoint or video are limited in terms of capability and lifespan. A dynamic microsite on the other hand, is the perfect solution!

The aim of this microsite was to bring to highlight Herbert Smith Freehills’ achievements in a visually compelling, interactive and professional way. Working closely with their team, we designed a concept that captures the global law firm’s brand, style, and thinking.

The site guides users through the year’s highlights using an interactive infographic presentation. It includes an option to play the presentation automatically from start to finish or, users are able to scroll through by using the up and down navigation buttons, allowing users to explore the content at their own pace.


Both options show a horizontal pop-up menu at the bottom at all times, which makes it easy to navigate through the sections.

Herbert Smith Freehills microsite

Amongst other elements, the presentation includes an animated map functionality which highlights the firm’s achievements across the globe. It also features several animated image galleries which cycle automatically through photos. Users can hover over the images to reveal these in more detail or click for more information.

Herbert Smith Freehills microsite

The site was built on WordPress as it allows for easy and quick content updating. JavaScript was used to animate multiple sections and control the auto-play functionality. Leveraging our experience in digital campaign execution, we made sure to optimise the site to function on a large variety of devices while keeping in mind that the presentation is shared globally throughout the firm.

A microsite also allows sensitive information to remain internal if required, as users can only access the site via a specific URL which does not show up in Google Search. Innuendo has worked with several clients on the presentation of private information, so we understand the importance of non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality.

Do you think your company might benefit from an innovative presentation style, either to communicate internally with employees or externally with clients, stakeholders or new businesses? Do not hesitate to send us a message at or give James a call on 0412 090 208.

Because of confidentiality we are limited in the pages/elements we can show and some text and content has been replaced.