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example of the create a crew campaign

Create a Crew

An interactive, 2D character creator built for the web as a nation-wide campaign for Kiwi Property shopping centres.

Across the Kiwi Property portfolio, the shopping centres wanted to engage more with their customers online, while growing their email database. Hosting a number of centres, it made sense to address these issues as a whole so they could share the cost of development.

The Create A Crew campaign incorporated an interactive website to promote email sign ups, as well as a push for organic shares across social media platforms.

Utilising the existing email database and social media following, we encouraged users to go online and create their crew. Our in-house design team had created character features that allowed users to put together avatars for themselves and their friends.

The final step for users required them to place their crew against the backdrop of a popular tourist destination to be entered in the draw to win a share in over $20,000 travel vouchers. We incorporated a sharing tool for social media that allowed users additional entries into the draw, and grew the organic reach of the campaign and then Kiwi Property brand.

Over the 2 week campaign 10,371 crews were created. Of this total, around 70% were existing database members, with the remaining 30% being new users who grew the databases substantially. These numbers show us that the existing community was engaged, and the organic reach captured new customers.

By devising a campaign that could be rolled out nationally, Innuendo allowed for the costs to be shared across 7 of the Kiwi Property shopping centres.

We are always looking for ways to help our clients reduce their investment in these projects – drop us a line to find out what we can do for you.