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3 Reasons to use animated videos

Sophie Smit

Words by Sophie Smit • 02 April, 2018

We are bombarded with lots of information in our day to day lives. So when you’re trying to convey a message to your audience there are two things to keep in mind. First, your post […]

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The new shopper: content-driven Millennials

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are those born anywhere between the early 80s and late 90s. Most of us (I’m one of them) hardly remember those dark ages pre-internet and this significantly influences our […]

Sophie Smit • 03 October, 2017

Five easy ways to improve your SEO

Most people have heard about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but don’t really know how to implement it. Here I will provide some easy tips and trick that anyone can use. The most important thing to […]

Sophie Smit • 12 September, 2017

Writing the perfect brief

A good brief is super important. Every time I’m working on a design project, I have the brief open on my desktop to constantly refer to as I work. Most designers work exactly the same […]

Gabe Grieve • 01 August, 2017

Instagram Competitions for Dummies

We’ve whipped up a simple How-To manual with everything you need to start thinking about when it comes to running an Instagram competition in the most efficient way #yourewelcome.

Jess Patane • 28 July, 2017

Is Facebook stalking me?

Why does Facebook think I’m pregnant? Is the social media giant stalking me, or does code have a role to play?

Claire Patmore • 28 July, 2017

Experiential marketing to create memorable experiences

Experiential marketing, sometimes referred to as engagement marketing or XM (by the cool kids) is loosely defined as messaging you can touch, feel or view in a physical space. Creating a memorable and interactive experience makes […]

Sophie Smit • 22 July, 2017